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Dec 24, 2018 17:55:05

Sprinting through the finish line

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Brandon Wilson

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The last week of the year, particularly Dec 25 through Dec 31, is a unique time. People are on vacation from work and kids are on holiday from school. Many people are rightfully spending time with family and friends, some perhaps making up for lack of spending time throughout the year. 

Others may be focused on the new gifts or out doing more shopping with gift cards or to get post-Christmas sales. Some may even be contemplating how this year went and preparing for what they are going to accomplish in the next year. For most it is a time of transition with perhaps little action.

I don't watch baseball often, but when I do I always pay attention to when the runners hit the ball and how they run to first base. If it's not an obvious home run, I want to see how they run. Do they keep an all out sprint all the way to the base? Do they let up halfway there because they assume they will be out based on where the ball is? Very few baseball players are sprinting all-out to first base.

This year I am going to sprint through the finish line. I want to use the last week of the year for action. It's easy to get caught up in planning all the things I want to do. Enough planning. Time to take massive action to end the year on a bang and leap into 2019 with motivation and focus.

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