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Jun 23, 2019 07:17:11

Start Small

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I saw this post from Courtland Allen ( Founder of Indiehacker ) a few days ago - Don't forget to start small, highly recommend for friends that want to start something but didn't take out the first step.

It's pretty standard from what I see, lots of people doing a lot of planning before they start, I m not saying pre-planning is not proper, but over planning is the killer. There are too many unknown factors when you try to work out something, and you can't plan for all the situation. Start it and deal with the issue later.

Take smaller steps rather than start with something big. For example, if you are thinking to build a product, start small like asking in twitter to see is the idea stick, post on indiehacker to seek for feedback, work out a landing page to collect audience, all these should be started first, rather than keep planning how to scale your products.

Of course, there are times that when you start small, you find it struggles to continue. Since the results are not precise but remember to focus and repeat daily on small steps, you will tell that is the path on the correct direction because you are taking smaller steps, there will be time for you to adjust or event changing the way.

Start today, start small.

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    Can't agree more. 'Small' also means more accessibility and flexibility. Often, a goal is too big to start at the beginning, and too big to startover again after failing.

    Plus, it has been about a month that I missed checking your updated posts because I just wrote, published and left 200 wad. Honestly, I feel kind of sorry for that though a little strange to tell you.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jun 23, 2019 12:58:13
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      @5plus6 haha, it is a bit strange but no worry, don't think I check yours daily as well, just on and off, if I have some time before I start writing the post, I will hang around, if I m in a rush, I will just publish and leave as well.

      Knight avatar Knight | Jun 24, 2019 06:28:39
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