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Apr 09, 2019 17:03:34

Starting with Simplicity

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Corey Rabazinski

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I have a habit of rushing to the most complete solution without experimenting with simplicity first. Case in point, to-do tracking. 

I have tried every to-do mobile and desktop app under the sun. I've hated some, loved others, but not have actually stuck. Until I tried a simple daily desk planner that cost all of $9. It keeps me focused on the most important items of the day, helps me reflect on what I've accomplished thus far, and helps me look forward to the week ahead. To me, it's perfect. 

I think technology instills this sense of endless searching. We want for the newest and next when really the best solution is one that is the most simple. This idea holds even more value in the world of product design. 

There is often a pool to create a solution for everyone. Even if focused on a particular problem, bloated solutions are created by not trying to strip away excess.  That excess represents an unneeded cognitive load that makes products feel heavy which leads to lower product usage and ultimately product failure. 

One framework I've begun to use to follow this thought is to think about the easiest possible solution first. From there, I can see what's missing, if anything, and decide what to add where. In my experience this is the faster route to success than thinking big and slowly removing.

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