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Jan 28, 2019 16:09:51

Storytelling Week 3

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Abhinaya Konduru

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I am getting much more comfortable with telling a story in front of random people. My stories now have a flow that keeps the audience attention. I am breathing properly and I am not thinking too much about what to say next.

Next time I have to tell a story, these are the things I am going to remember:

  • No matter how good the story is if the person you are telling is not able to connect with it, then they are going to zone out. Providing personal or current events as examples is a great way to keep attention.
  • Assume the audience doesn't know anything you are about to say. Giving context before, during, or after the story is crucial. Otherwise, miscommunication leads to a different conclusion of the story that you intended for.
  • Facial expressions along with the story tell a story as well. Whether it's enthusiasm or sadness it has to match with the story.
  • The voice you are projecting and the pauses you are taking enhance the story.
  • Having beats to the story that can be added or removed due to time constraint is helpful.

Looking forward to the next week's class where are going to focus on a situation that changed our opinion on a certain topic. 

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