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Jan 22, 2019 19:15:25

Strategy and tactics for finding a new place

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Finding a new place to live could be very stressful and challenging. The change could impact on multiple aspects in your personal life from income balance, commute, life style, shopping routine. Today I would like to write about the tips for finding a living place: one strategy and one tactics.

Moving a new place could be excitement if you find the better place and look forward to moving. How about exploring new places? It is time-consuming. You need to call many places, make an appointment, monitor multiple websites from Apartments.com, zillow, to craglist etc. There is sometimes a time pressure. You might be disappointed at your hesitation when you could take it but someone made a bit quicker decision than you.

To minimize such a stress, here I would like to share one strategy and one tactics.

1. Strategy: having decision criteria in advance

If you need to spend the time to select one out of candidates, there is a mathematical solution. This problem was called "Secretary problem."

If you have a 100 candidates for your secretary position, you do not know who is the best talent for your secretary. When you start to see the first few candidates, you are getting ideas who are better and worse. For the last few candidates, you already know what is the quality that you could get out of this talent pool but less likely you could find better person out of the last few candidates. You might already inclined in the past.

To have a good balance and close to the mathematical solution, you can see 37% of the candidates first to build your reference or benchmark. After that, whenever you find the "best" person based on your benchmark, this is the person you need to choose.

This can be applied to finding many areas such as your spouse, house, employees, etc.

2. Tactics: spare your brain space by documentation

To execute this plan, you need to note down key information about houses otherwise your brain will be overwhelmed by a lot of new information and your brain might give up. I am done. I write down the following key indicators for each places in google spread sheet: area, price, price/square, commute time,

Last but not least, there is no perfect house. There is always missing pieces you compromised. However that would be the next opportunity that you are aiming to get in a new place.

What is your tips when finding a new place.


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