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Apr 05, 2019 23:16:05

Streak! What a tool! What a teacher! What fun! What pain! What a bore!

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I heard that consistency (thank you @basilesamel <3), something really alien to me in most areas of life, is a powerful thing. Yet, I never really tried to check it out for myself. I mean there were things I was doing for long, even very long periods of time. Yoga, vegetarian diet, full blown vegan, zendo attendance... One could imagine that this was consistency, and yet... it wasn't. It just... suited me, was fun, looked cool, was easy, was not too hard. But I cannot remember actually doing something just to keep doing it.


THAT is exactly why you do zazen! The reason for doing it is... doing it. That's it! And (unfortunately) there is nothing more to it.

It's hard to believe, right?

We imagine meditation (zazen is more, but let's keep it simple) is something wonderful, holy, helping, calming, noble. Kind of salvation...

We expect it to be elevating, tranquil, soothing, light, full of light, doing something… anything...

And... IT IS NOT!

It's just a... 

Streak! What a tool! What a teacher! What fun! What pain! What a bore!

Posts written with breaths.

Day 6th...                                                                                                                        (20 min zazen. Morning. Evening (can be 30/40 if humanly possible). Streak still counts with only one zazen a day. Not like with 200WaD, Sundays off!) 


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    @lucjah I had missed this one :(
    Beautiful post.

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 15, 2019 23:16:00
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    @lucjah Keep up your consistency. #Teamstreak

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 06, 2019 06:34:34
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      @brandonwilson :-)))

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Apr 06, 2019 18:51:52
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