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May 02, 2019 13:00:02

Streaks 101 #11-15

by @brianball PATRON | 208 words | 421💌

Brian Ball

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11. Write a bunch of headlines and have them saved in your unpublished drafts.

12. Be prolific. Don't let the number 200 be something to stop you. Don't try to get exactly at 200. Words want to flow. The better you get at writing, the more you'll be able to say. Say it.

13. Embrace the off day. Some days your energy will be in flux. You'll think you should stay off your computer. How do you do it? ( you may have to be a patron to get the scheduling feature -- but it's worth it ) Have some ready-to-go writings in the drafts so all you'd have to do is publish them when you feel like crap.

14. Become a Patron. As a patron of 200wordsaday.com - you get a shiny red badge. You are saying, I'm not just here for myself. I'm here for the team. I'm here to support a maker and have him support me with his software skills.

15. Link to YouTube - Find something worth writing about on YouTube and share it. When you share ideas and resources, you help socialize us.

Bonus: I met Ze at the Wizard Academy in the hills of Austin, TX. He's one of my favorite creatives. Don't click this link unless you have an hour to invest. ;-)

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    @brianball OH MY GOOOOOD.... Ze is crazy! And a genius! And insane! And genial! And... a very very sick person! I love the film!!!!!!!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 04, 2019 21:04:16
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