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May 02, 2019 06:31:25

Streaks101 #1-5

by @brianball PATRON | 238 words | 419💌

Brian Ball

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On the 2nd of May, in 2019, @brianball writes a piece about how streaks work. He's not the leading expert. He doesn't claim unbroken streakdom, but he's not afraid of typing. 

1. Pick a time. If you try to write at different times, you're putting yourself at risk unnecessarily. Will you write in the morning or at night?

2. Embrace quantity over quality. Unless you @ mention somebody, only a handful of eyes will be on your work. We're all here for the same thing. It's safe. It's extra-small -- not super Medium.

3. Pick some reasons to write. The why. Do you write because eventually you want to be better? Do you write to straighten your thoughts? Do you want to connect to others doing something fun?

4. If you are blocked, give up. Quit... Quit being an asshole and just type something. It's 200 words. It's actually two hundred spaces. (that's a note to self)

5. Write first. Then read the words of others. If you go down the rabbit hole of curiosity first, it's easy to get distracted. You might think you'll write at 11:30 pm -- then get sucked in by @lucjah -- and then it's 12:05 am. Bye bye streak.

Bonus: Create a series. ( like this one ) where you make shit up and share ideas. If even a single person reads it and enjoys it and uses it, you've contributed to the world, you've kept the flame alive and many days from now, you'll join #teamstreak.

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    @brianball or just follow the wonderful list created by you or somebody wonderful somebody... wonderful...
    and... thank you... <3
    and now to the "wonderful list"! Today its the 7th day
    "7. Family - a single fond memory" OK!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 02, 2019 18:22:44
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    @brianball - This Brian fellow is good. I like his writing. I think he would easily be a member of team streak in 4 days using these tips.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 02, 2019 09:38:22
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      -- rubs hands vigorously -- 'oh boy oh boy' #teamstreak here I come. :-) ( thanks @keni -- I'm just having fun. )

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 02, 2019 07:00:04
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