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Feb 23, 2019 05:46:36

Strep infection

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Victoria Maung

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Well, here's my 🔬 schoolwork, simplified.

Inflammation occurs in 5 stages.

  1. Redness: more blood flows to site of infection
  2. Heat: because that blood is closer to core temperature
  3. Swelling: accumulation of fluid with proteins to infected tissues to mount defenses 
  4. Pain: fluid pushes on baroreceptors, causing pain
  5. Loss of function: pain inhibits mobility and/or swelling can prevent moving

Streptococcus is like a ninja.

  1. Attaches: uses pili and lipoteichoic acid to begin adhering to the basement membrane of epithelial cells and other streptococci, then forms protein-protein interactions with fibronectin and laminin to anchor streptococci clump to the basement membrane.
  2. Invades: streptococcus blasts through epithelial cells using ammo of streptolysins 
  3. Evades: streptococcus disguises itself as a human cell by wearing a coating of hyaluronic acid, stealthily putting security guards (our immune cells) to sleep and breaking through the attempts of other guards.

Our body sounds its alarms and begins to mount defenses.

  1. Our guard sentinels begin catching strep invaders. The sentinels can sniff out criminals, and it isn't long before they start recognizing the intruders at the toll gate.
  2. One type of sentinel eats the intruders and sends out messages to more advanced guard sentinels to call out the big guns and to recruit more guards by opening the flood gates.

The end, for now. 

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