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Jul 15, 2019 20:28:00

Stretching-driven meditation

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On May 13, I said I "hope I could make meditation as my new daily routine the future month" to @jasonleow.
Now, it's July 15, how's it going then?
I practiced a lot, and achieved in a particular way: I meditate while stretching (in a simple gesture, not yoga).

Meditation is the art of doing nothing.
But, emptying my mind entirely is hard, I have to focus on one part of my body.
Breath, heartbeat, ... they all failed blocking off my mind noise. 
There must be something could leave my mind alone with only physical connections.  

The answer is stretching.
Daily stretching is my routine: after waking up and before going asleep, half an hour each with podcasts.
Actually, nothing could flow into ears because my attention is on my muscle.

So one day, after my body prepared, I drop off my earphones, close eyes and start meditation.
The noise is gone.
My muscle is extending under the law of gravity.
Neck, shoulder, legs, and feet, all connected into one part, by a heavy sense of being a living creature.
Then, the body is gone.
Physical connections become a shell shut out more feelings, leave an empty mental space.

About 10 minutes later, muscle ache would interrupt me from meditation.
Stand up, a light body and light mind.

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    @5plus6 wow nice! Sounds like you had a beautiful experience.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 15, 2019 21:42:10
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      @jasonleow Even more.
      I also apply it into my pomodor timer short break successfully. I set 1 minute in 5, 5 minutes in 15 to meditate each break.
      Time up but my mind can't stop rolling, okay, lift my arms to stretch my standing body, with closed eyes, there would soon be quite.
      I keep practicing to let my muscle memories stretching to meditating. Reduce the buffer time to shut the noise out.
      Really works.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 15, 2019 23:07:53
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