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Aug 20, 2019 22:39:11

Stuck with Sales and Marketing

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carlos beas

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I feel like I already know the answer to the questions "What's holding you back?" and "What do you need to do to get unstuck?"

I'm stuck because I need to validate the market for my idea and I need to get out there in front of customers, yet I do not do this because it is sort of uncharted territory for me and I'm a little anxious about it.

So instead of doing what I know I'm supposed to be doing, I go back to building and writing code because that's what feels comfortable and that's what I know well how to do.

I've been at this problem for almost 3 months now and I'm going through a lot of pain because I would love to see this idea at least having one paying customer or at least knowing if this is even a market worth pursuing and spending the next ten years of my life working on.

I guess there is no better way of knowing than to actually get out there and in front of customers.  In the end, my customers are the ones that can actually tell me whether I can help them or not; or whether they would be willing to pay for my product.  So I'm going to have to create some sort of habit that forces me to allocate time to this activity and get some progress going.

Don't know how this is going to look in the end, but the focus should be on results; not on how it looks, right?

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    @carlosbeas - can’t hurt to mention what you’re working on

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 20, 2019 22:23:15
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      @brianball True :)

      I want to make it easy for inde-local businesses to integrate the kinds of services only big chains like Starbucks and Walmart can afford to do.

      Stuff like automated pick-up through online ordering, inventory optimization, etc...

      My family owns a local business and they struggle with this stuff, so I've been building solutions for our local shop and I'm wondering if this could be something I can turn into a business of my own.

      carlos beas avatar carlos beas | Aug 22, 2019 06:19:56
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    @carlosbeas I advise reading this article from fellow maker Matt Lo: Daily Marketing Steps and Routines For Startup Businesses And Founders

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 21, 2019 06:57:55
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      @basilesamel Awesome stuff! Thanks Baz! :)

      carlos beas avatar carlos beas | Aug 22, 2019 06:15:40
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