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Jul 29, 2019 20:15:36

Summer like that...

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It has been such a long time since I enjoyed Summer at home. (There were two times I basked in the wonderful, generous, enthusiastic Sun of Attica, yet actually both times it was Their Summer Sun in Our Autumn Time. First time it was "just" two weeks, but WHAT weeks... Second time it was a month and a half and this was long enough for me to slid into a completely different, Slow Motion Heavenly Mode.)

My last beautiful Gdynia Summer was in 2014. I just moved into a new place, next door to a wonderful friend of mine. She lives actually quite Heavenly Life here. I mean as heavenly as it gets when you live in a country located two times closer to the Pole that the Equator. (Thanks Gods for Golfstrom!) I joined her morning Walks With Dogs in the forest, very early morning swimming trips to the beach. I was enjoying afternoon Sun in my new bedroom. I was scraping off wallpapers and tearing out old carpets. There was energy and lightness during that Summer.

Then... ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL events happened and... life got so much harder. (I have been pondering over that kind of a contradiction for years now...)



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