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Jul 07, 2019 15:49:53

Summer near Westcity -- 2

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Jackie is on that shrinking list of people whose good news brought me joy rather than dread. We didn't hang out that much during the school year, but now that summer is here, he hits me up quite often.

His place is dirty but organized. Usually, I'd go to a place where everything is unorganized but the place feels sanitary. But the surfaces inside Jackie's house feels stained like sticky leather upholstery in summer sweat, and the air, invisible to the eye, feels thick entering my lungs. From a physical perspective, I hate being inside this apartment.

-- Thanks. Whiskey after? 

-- Maybe. Do you not work today?

-- I do. Around 7.

After a couple beers and smoking a bowl together we walk to where all the bars are. Jackie says he'll see me later, and now I have nothing left to do. I think about what's in my fridge. Just two tallboys of Heineken, which should be enough. But I don't feel like heading home yet. I circle around the block a couple times, and each time I pass by the bar Jackie works in, I try to see if I can catch his silouhette through the sticker decals and neon-lights.

When I arrive home, I consider cleaning up my apartment. And then I don't. Instead I down a couple glasses of water, brush my teeth, and go to bed and try to fall asleep. My phone vibrates a couple hours later, before I can fall asleep. It's Jackie wondering if I want to hang out again.

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    Is this a series I can/should read?

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 09, 2019 23:40:53
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      Of course you can. But It's still in v1 so I'd recommend waiting til v3.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 10, 2019 15:49:12
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      @abrahamKim woud be good to track progress anyway ;)

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 11, 2019 16:12:57
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    @abrahamKim - ABOUT TIME SIR ABE!!! You were hiding from this team for too long. Welcome home Sir Abe.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 08, 2019 14:05:58
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      haha i really love the way you welcome me. It makes me feel like I never left, like I walways belonged.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 08, 2019 22:49:23
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      @abrahamKim - Cause you belong.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 09, 2019 10:23:55
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    @abrahamKim welcome to #TeamStreak ! enjoy your stay

    Knight avatar Knight | Jul 08, 2019 06:32:07
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      Thanks dogg. This is better than the hotel california!

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 08, 2019 15:14:29
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    @abrahamKim Ladies and Gentlemen of #Teamstreak....we have a NEW TEAM MEMBER!!!! It is about time that Sir Abe has joined us. I enjoy your posts and appreciate your interaction with members in the community. Keep going. We are #Teamstreak!!!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 07, 2019 11:37:30
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      @abrahamKim @brandonwilson Sir Abe, First of His Name. I love the fact that you write any number of posts you feel like writing per day.

      Here's to more innumerable number of posts.


      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jul 07, 2019 21:18:23
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      @brandonwilson Haha I knew this was coming. And similar to a child being embarrased by their loving parent in a visible public area like school, I loathed and looked forward to it at the same time.

      I'm glad you are here sharing your energy with not just what I consider to be a gathering of writers...but a happening.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 08, 2019 15:04:23
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      @brandonwilson @seunoyebode

      I think I will actually try to limit to one. Because it's like this... similar to work-life balance.

      DHH often says... if you've already put in 40 hours into your work, don't put in more. Take those more you'd put into your work and put it elsewhere.

      so I think I want to only post once a day on here.... and anything more I want to do, I should reserve for interacting with others.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 08, 2019 15:05:33
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      @abrahamKim - I like this strategy too. Once a day is plenty.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 09, 2019 10:23:38
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