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Jan 18, 2019 16:20:26

Sunsama = Calendar + Todo

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I was reviewing how to improve my productivity through tools yesterday, thinking to give Todoist Template a try, before moving all my current task over to todoist. 

While I planning to test the combination this morning, I have been distracted by a tool call Sunsama , I know about this tool and remember it sort of combination of calendar feature and todo list, but I didn't recall the detail. So instead of trying my Todoist Template, I went to playing with Sunsama by integrating with my Google Calendar and Todoist.

The Good:

It is really a neat tool, it replaces some of my current workflows, for example, each column represents 1 day and show all relevant tasks on that day.  For example on a weekly view, you can see clearly every task on each day and you can assign task while cross reference with the event on your Google Calendar.

The integration seems like well thought for example the Todolist integration you can use your todoist filters to filter your task before assigned to which day column.

The Bad:

It will be a better experience if is work, I have issue on my Google Calendar, the main calendar can't display and cannot set it as primary calendar, the Todoist task can't set into the Today column with some error message, so far I have sent in my support ticket ( around 24 hrs ), but there is no reply so far.

Another thing is there is no overview on all your task, so you force to see all tasks by 1 service in 1 column view, which I think it really can be improved.


I will recommend Sunsama if you are not looking for integration, by Sunsama itself is quite a useful product, if you are using different "Todo" tools and looking for a great integration, you might be a little bit disappointed.

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