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Jun 21, 2019 07:49:48


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In one sentence, in the first minute of two guys sitting on the couch, Gabriel Weinstein ( creator of DuckDuckGo ) clarifies the jargon. 

"A mental model is a 'concept'.

A shared concept is something we all understand. There are some concepts we don't share.

Understanding a concept / mental model does not make it usable just because you understand it. Using concepts requires that you understand and practice other concepts. Think about learning how to paint. There is some skill involved.

'Unforced errors' comes from tennis. You make the error on your own. If you can make fewer errors, you'll be better off. 

First principles: Is just throwing out assumptions. Start from scratch and try to verify that any assumptions you have are actually accurate.

How would this work in the job search? From the bottom up, you ask: you'll need some money, where are you going to work, what type of activity will you enjoy etc.

Different jobs may reveal themselves when you define the attributes

It's key if you ever want to start something.

I assume customers will want my product. 

Testing assumptions is all starting a company really is.

Occam's Razor - if you have a simple concept, it might be correct and you should investigate it first.

Once you have a "name" for something, then you can recognize it out in the world.

Cognitive Dissonance: Trying to hold two conflicting ideas in your brain at once. ( It's physically painful.)

I'm going to pick up this book today. More to come. cc @keni 

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    @brianball - You are sharing exactly the types of books I am focusing on. This looks like the perfect book for the systems search I am doing.

    Right after I decided to only focus on 3 books for the year - my exposure to good books went up exponentially. I think it is unrealistic to put these books on hold. I especially do not think I can wait for the all tools a hammer one you suggested before.

    Good finds Brian. Keep sharing.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jun 21, 2019 13:30:05
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      @keni - while the 3-books and deep focus sounded good -- it's like a musician saying, I'm just going to play FΓΌr Elise, Abbey Road, and California Dreamin' this year. I'm going deep. But, it's the context that makes the deep more accessible.

      In fact, that's one of the things Gabriel mentions in the interview with Jordan. Mental Models are fine to be aware of, but sometimes you need other mental models to be able to operationalize them.

      I got that you're really trying to operationationalize the material - thus why I'm cc'ing you on this.

      You probably need a book-club and discussion as well. I think you have my email, shall we set something up?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 21, 2019 11:41:47
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      @brianball - You are right. It wouldn't make sense to restrict myself from reading. What I want to do is change my focus from just reading and accumulating a list of books to actually pausing to implement them. Implementing 2 of the three books took me to a few other books that focus on the same lessons. Both books you recommended is right on the things I am focusing on.
      I am down for the club idea. I have sent you an invite using your email to the notes I made for the Scott Adams book. I write my notes in Google Drive.
      Let me know how you want to do this.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jun 21, 2019 16:12:48
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