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Apr 28, 2019 18:04:57


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Victoria Maung

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As a person who leans heavily towards pragmatism, I learned that I need to practice being more emotionally supportive. Taking my previous consideration on allostasis, I realize that different emotional realities are very much a part of peoples' lives, differing in extent or nature between each individual.

It's easy to dismiss other people's seemingly irrational decisions or values. One of my roommate's friends make a deposit to go to graduate school, but is hesitating to go because she doesn't want to leave her musician boyfriend of one year. Then there's another person who very annoying prefaces every sentence with because God loves you. Another one quit her job to focus on finger-painting professionally.

I am fairly tolerant of all sorts of people, but it is tad harder to maintain deep friendships with those whose values do not line up with mine, and that includes an prioritization on secure lifestyle decisions. 

But everyone digresses from the "ideal" life decisions, and that's something I need to better tolerate. Sometimes people might just need to vent or have a particular preference that I should unconditionally support. They're aren't consulting me about solutions of feasibility, but rather need someone to support, if not just validate them.

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