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May 16, 2019 06:50:19

Take a break with my parents

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After all the clients from hell happening and rushing for a few projects for the past few weeks, I decided to take a break yesterday. You can't take a break during the weekend because the kids will be around. As an advantage of a freelancer, I take a break during weekdays, it's a bit like take a leave from my routine work.

What I do when I take a break? I bring my parents to a newly open shopping mall. It's been a while since I bring them out, I been busy with work and my own family and they been busy help me take care of my big kid when the little kid is affected by HFMD.

While taking a break not just lie down at home and do nothing, but I m glad to take a break and bring them out. We reach the new shopping mall to do some window shopping, both of them spend some time trying a new model of massage chair and feel interested. They also managed to buy some shoe as well. We have our lunch there with some expensive but taste ok good, don't think I am going to eat at that restaurant again.

After a short dating with my parents, I went home with my wife and wanna enjoy some variety show at home, but I keep falling asleep. I guess my body has been suffered by the tiredness of rushing project recently and I m little unwell for the past one week with some cough and flu. 

I force myself to rest and sleep to end of the "Take a break" day. Hopefully, I will be in better condition tomorrow to handle my work.

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