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Oct 03, 2019 15:52:33

Talia's Theory of trading Beauty for Free Meals

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There is no such thing as a free meal. Either you're paying for it with money, or you have to pay somebody your social presence. 

At first it felt odd doing this. Times are different compared to how it was for my parents. Back then it was near a given that the guy pay for the girl. But now that more girls than guys receive a college education, it makes sense that now people pay for themselves. Even on dates.

Letting someone pay for your lunch or dinner may be free money wise, but what you save on dollars you lose on leverage. What is this leverage? It's hard to explain, but easy to feel. The person paying for the meal now has something over you. And this is fine in a one or two-off scenario, but over time you become burdened to them.

I didn't like that feeling. I didn't want to string any of these guys along, so I went on a bunch of dates with a wide array of guys. Some of them I'd go on two with, but never three. And doing this, similarly to shoplifting from a major corporate retailer, I felt no guilt. These guys were lonely anyways and wanted my company, why not give it to them?

Anyways, I think I can shamelessly take free meals this way because I'm not insecure about my looks. So much of a girl's identity is usually in how they are perceived from the beauty lens, and so when they take a free meal on a date, something doesn't feel right. It feels like the free meal is casting judgement onto them as objects of desire. Moriah doesn't take free meals for this reason. At least that's what I think. She doesn't want the meal to be some transaction. Trading her beauty for a meal.

However, I believe that she would be fine with this transaction had she not been self conscious with her looks. It's because she's not fully confident that she cannot make this trade. And since I don't have the same care as her, it never mattered to me. But to keep her from getting hurt or potentially even growing to hate me, I kept this all from her. 

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    The most interesting part about Talia is how she manages all of this? "Wide array of guys"... that's wide array of phone numbers - texts and calls. She might need array_map() very soon, or something like that. LOL

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Oct 03, 2019 15:06:45
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      she needs a SASS product from SEUN! that will help her manage this haha

      Abe avatar Abe | Oct 03, 2019 16:08:18
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