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Oct 10, 2019 14:47:08

Talia sometimes buys coffee

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The semester began colder and darker than any January in my memory. Night fell around 5 in the evening and I was walking in the neighborhoods right off campus to get to my apartment was my classes were done for the day

My energy levels felt lower. Not in a bad way. More a cozy one. Besides going to classes and doing homework, I didn't want to do anything extra. I was comfortably fine returning home and watching Netflix cuddled with my boyfriend while eating some nice pastries. The cold made this all feel that much more enjoyable. We ate a lot of good food, made a lot of love, and I was overall happy.

In the middle of the semester I started commuting to Westcity for a class requirement. My teaching class had us tutor a high school student. It wasn't as cold and dark by this time compared to when classes had resumed so maybe I was feeling more adventurous when I decided to pick a school located in Westcity rather than one right near campus. 

I commuted by bus twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The tutoring sessions lasting only an hour long made going back and forth just for tutoring feel like a waste. So I ended up making whole afternoons out of these Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The school I tutored in was in a bad neighborhood, but just a short walk from it was a revitalizing part of the city that featured a lot of cafes, boutique stores, and local restaurants, which also meant that there was less traffic and instead more people walking around. In other words, it was a nice place to people watch. I would go there and observe the neighborhood, sometimes walking around, sometimes sitting down with a coffee. Oh, I also now had some spending money, so I could afford things like coffee.

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