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Jun 04, 2019 19:00:03

Teenagers, cont.

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Daniel Miller

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there are two hungry teenagers roaming the house on scooters

it’s like the savanna in here

we need a nature documentary narrator

It’s been two hours since their last feeding, and the wild teenagers are becoming restless. Their desperation for food causes them to behave in erratic ways that seem nonsensical to us humans, but have been honed by decades of modern evolution and adaptation to their bizarre surroundings.
They obtain food and return to their lair, once again safe in the light of their electronic devices.

I just wrote this in a text message. It's not 200 words, so I must continue...

A teenager is a subspecies of Homo sapiens. As such, they do behave in some ways familiar to us humans. It's these similarities, however, that make the differences all the more confounding.
They share our needs for sustenance, and for connection with others in their tribe, but on such an intensified level that it interferes with their cognitive abilities. 
Their ability to adapt quickly to changes in their surroundings is their main competitive advantage. They are able to deploy new technologies quickly in ways that confound those of other Homo sapien subspecies.
Unfortunately, their resource requirements exceed their abilities to hunt or gather themselves, so they are often forced to scavenge or act as a parasite on other human hosts.
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