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May 12, 2019 10:58:48


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For getting shot nine times and deciding not to die. Many many many many things are out of our control, but not our decisions in the moment. Even if you were going to die from a bullet in a lethal location, you weren't the type to decide to do so. 

Some people get nine lead bullets lodged within their flesh and decide to live. Others get a silver spoon in their mouth and decide to die. I'm somewhere in the middle. And I thank the former for showing the way. A way that can be rather than is. Thanks for letting me know that I can decide.

A lot of people seem frustrated with what is. So much so that they allow it to get in the way of what could be. Some people use their energy sustaining this frustration until it becomes a part of their mindset. They do it because they somehow think that it's not fair, because they close their eyes and cross their fingers that the world might just wake up enlightened and acknowledge their struggles, make things better for them.

But this kind of Cinderella thinking needs to stop. You and I are not Cinderella. And the world is not a prince. The world is a ghetto, a beautiful ghetto, if only we could decide to be real rather than pussy.

Thanks for being real.

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