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Jul 29, 2019 21:37:41

The 10-minute reading before leaving

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I have three hourglasses: 5, 10 and 30 minutes.

The 5-minute one is on my bed, besides sleeping and stretching, nothing should take more than 5 minutes.

The 30-minute one is on my office desk, since the first 30 minutes is the key to stop procrastination and switch mood.

The 10-minute one is my favorite, I take it with me all the time. In the morning, it reminds me of a quick washing; during the day, it's the countdown of organization. 

For the past two weeks, it has a new function: a reading timer before leaving.

There are four departures for me one day: 

#1 go to the school office 

#2 go for lunch

#3 go for dinner

#4 go back to my apartment

All four are scheduled every day because I'm a student, so it's easy to prepare and spare 10 minutes ahead.

Two weeks ago, I realized that the minutes before leaving is the best for reading, because it's a 100% power off, you have to leave your computer within 10 minutes, nonthing would bother you anymore.

So why not sit down and read? 

By doing this, everyday 4* 10-minute-before-leaving reading, it's the first time my kindle reading progress bars have been moving in a stable way.

Plus, my classmates have noticed my "weird behavior" again.

"Why do you start preparing for leaving earlier than usual?" 

"Beause I have to sit down and read for 10 minutes :D."

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