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Jun 18, 2019 14:35:28

The $100 Marketing Stack

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Corey Rabazinski

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When trying to grow a new product or company, it can be easy to get bogged down by the decision of what marketing tools to use. What analytics tool should I use? Which SEO tool will help me drive more traffic? 

There are seemingly hundreds of choices of products that claim to have features you need to grow your business. Here's the thing – the tools matter a lot less than what you do with the information and analysis that they provide. I've run marketing campaigns and programs for dozens of companies and, for the most part, the best tools are free. And, starting with free tools allow you to tack on new premium tools once you've established what you really need. 

When starting out, $100 a month is more than enough to build a capable marketing machine that will kickstart momentum. Here what it consists of:

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics - one of the first things a new company should do after registering their domain is to properly configure their GTM and Google Analytics account. While there are a lot of paid tools out there, these free tools will do 90% of what you need. Spending time early on installing this will save tons of headache down the road. Even at large companies, these tools tend to be the most useful analytics tools in the toolkit. 

Google Search Console - organic search and SEO are important drivers for inbound customers. By now, we all know the importance of ranking highly in search results for queries potential customers might be looking for. With Google Search Console (GSC) you can monitor your keyword performance and check track of technical SEO errors. If SEO is going to be a critical component to your marketing strategy, ahrefs.com is an amazing tool. It is a little out of range for the $100 marketing stack, but at $99/month it is well worth the cost. 

LuckyOrange - Of all of the marketing tools that I've used, LuckyOrange has the best bang for your buck. For $10 month you get access to dynamic heatmaps, polls and screen recordings to help improve user experience with your product. This kind of information is vital in the early days and can fuel conversion rate improvements. 

$90 Ad Budget - With the remaining $90 you can start experimenting with advertising on a small scale. I typically recommend Facebook, Instagram and/or Reddit to start and gauge results. While $90 might not sound like much, if you have a pulse on the performance you can optimize the campaigns, look at traffic patterns and engagement and quickly identify opportunities to increase your budget to bring in more customers. With tight targeting options, you should be able to see if your product is resonating with customers. Even with high ticket items, I've been able to use a $90 budget to find customers and leads and springboard those learnings into more large scale campaigns. 

'Keep it simple stupid' is a great motto to live by. In a world of complexity, you can often get similar results by stripping things down to what is important. 

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    @coreyrab - Thank you for this great content.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jun 18, 2019 15:04:24
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