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Jul 17, 2019 22:36:24

The Abyss Between

by @craigpetterson PATRON | 202 words | 315💌

Craig Petterson

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On the one end of the abyss, there is our previous home. Our flat; a glorious, large space, which is extremely familiar territory - we've been there over 5 years now.
On the other side, we have our new house. It's not a home yet, it's bare - of both content and memories, but we're already building them.
We're currently in the abyss between the two. We have boxes of our stuff stacked up in our flat, but with the decorating (and waiting the workers), we have nowhere to move it. We've sabotaged our current home and we're not really able to do anything in our new home yet.
It's stressful, but we're slowly plodding through. We'll get there eventually, but it is getting to us a bit. The long, drawn-out process has got to us. Before we're done with the process, we're thinking of booking a hotel for a day or two - just to chill out. It seems weird, but we do just need to chill out.
Slow and steady progress is what I endeavour for in most things - making, running, life. Why am I trying to rush this process?

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