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Dec 19, 2018 23:12:04

The Ballerina. Prologue: #8

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Prologue: The Unravelling pt.8 

"I'm fucking stupid and I don't deserve to be here", she said as started scratching at her sweater and kicking the wall with such anger that I was afraid she would break her toe. I held her again. I hugged her with everything I had as if I was trying to squeeze the pain out of her. 

Have you ever tried stopping someone from hurting themselves? It's a terrible feeling because you can with such clarity the value in that person but they can't see it themselves. Not only do they not see it, but they are hellbent on destroying a warped reflection of themselves and all the good that lies behind it. She was haunted in a house of mirrors.

But this didn't come from nowhere. I can promise you it was the product of our school. It never made sense to me how cruel it could be sometimes. Perhaps I never wanted to fully understand, since I played a part in it myself.

Remember what I said before about the college being a feeder school to all the good universities? Pretty soon people started applying to get in for this very reason, I was one of them - in a way.  

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