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Dec 02, 2018 15:34:47

The Best New Year's Resolution...

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Gene Lim

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DECEMBER...last month of the year. That odd feeling when this month comes. Why? Simple, few more weeks and people will start posting their resolution for the coming year. 

I, is never an exemption. Yes, I still do contemplate every year what could be the things I need to change or start to do for next year.....the usual new year's resolution.

When is really the best time to start doing it? A week before? On the first day of the year? A week after? No specific time frame...and for me, after so many years of failing my resolution, I thought maybe the best time is for me to do it now. Four more weeks before 2018 ends and I still have ample time to test myself whether I could fulfill my plan this round.

What shall I do? Honestly, at this very moment I am still clueless of what is the thing I need to change, to stop doing, or to start doing on 2019. When I look back for the past 335 days, I can say that I did not do quite differently compared to last year. Hence, thinking of making 2019 differently is indeed quite a tough job. 

I stumbled this saying before, "do things for yourself and not for others". Certainly, I have done so many things for other people and least for myself. I wish I could travel and roam around the world and create more memories while I am still young. I wish I could do extreme things without thinking of what will happen tomorrow. I wish I could.....

2019.....four more weeks....could this year be different from 2018? No one knows. It depends on how I will control the flow.

Yes, we are the author of our own stories....and it's up to us what could be the ending of the story. So for 2019, my resolution is not to make any new year's resolution...just do what you think is right and the best for yourself and for the people you love. Create more memories, spend more quality time, and treasure and appreciate all the things that will come.

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    @wernminlim make new year's resolutions every day ?

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 03, 2018 08:12:33
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