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Mar 12, 2019 11:17:57

The big choice of every freelancer

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Julia Saxena

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When starting to freelance, you have a choice to make: Will you work on a platform (like Upwork or Fivrr) or do it alone?

I decided on Upwork ... for now. But I keep thinking of the pros and cons of both options. 

PLATFORM (like Upwork or Fivrr)


  • Plenty of clients who are actively looking for someone to get the job done
  • Everything from the contract to invoicing is automated
  • You can get started easily even if you're a beginner 
  • You are protected and will always get your money when you've done the work


  • The platform takes a fee for their services (at Upwork it's 20%)
  • Many clients look for the absolute lowest rates with unreasonable expectations 
  • One bad rating could derail your chances with future clients 



  • You keep the full amount 
  • You can build your own website and present yourself and your services in whichever way you want
  • The most successful freelancers seem to work on their own
  • More freedom


  • You have to sort out contracts and invoicing yourself 
  • You might have to chase up clients who are behind on payments
  • You have to establish a system for finding and attracting clients

I'm curious what other freelancers chose and why. 

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