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Jun 05, 2019 21:34:38

The Bright Side of Boredom

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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We often see boredom as something to escape by whatever means possible, and this usually means resorting to passive forms of entertainment and the consumption of content. But boredom shouldn't be seen as a feeling to avoid. Boredom is a gateway to two types of experience:

1- Embracing ourselves: when we're not at peace with ourselves we often seek out distractions to avoid ourselves. We don't want to confront our own thoughts and feelings. In this case, boredom isn't a sign that we have nothing to do but that we dislike who we're left with when there's nothing to do.

Therefore, boredom can help us discover how comfortable we are with ourselves. If we're not comfortable with ourselves, how can we be?

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship to foster. You want to enjoy being alone with yourself. This doesn't mean that you isolate yourself from others, but if you have nothing to do and no one to be with, you're happy being by yourself.

2- Stoking our creativity: Boredom can be suppressed with consumption, but it can also propel us towards creative pursuits. It encourages us to take on new projects, to explore our curiosity about different subjects, to interact with the world in more constructive ways.

It helps us build, not just observe.

Those who complain of boredom often expect things to happen to them. They want someone or something to save them from the boredom they're experiencing. They become passive and end up leading boring lives.

When you're bored, get to know yourself better and encourage yourself to do things, not simply pass the time to drown out the feeling of boredom.

All emotions we experience - both the negative and the positive - serve a life-affirming purpose. 

They lead us to things that help enhance our lives. 

They bring our attention to what is good (that we should do more of) or the bad (that we should do less of or address as a problem in our lives).

Even pain serves a positive purpose.

If you see the bright side of boredom you can make the most of it when you do experience it.

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