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Jun 27, 2019 17:27:40

The button "player one is ready"

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What to write about if you do not have anything to say? How do words are connected into sentences if you don't have anything to say? 

Life without changes is boring. There are two types of stability: good and bad. We can divide everything into bad and good, can't we? 

Good stability, for me, is when you have a stable income, place where to live, not toxic stable relationships, growth and your life is changing to a good side.

Not good stability is when nothing changes, you are stupefied on the start, you even hadn't press the button "player one is ready".

This condition is engulfing you like a tornado in an old silted bath. But this tornado is fictional, the bath is fictional too. It's just a trap of your mind. To be honest, you can do all what you want. You just need to do real things and know what you want or just a direction or what you don't want. But it's simple to say, isn't it?


Just listen to your heart, it is the only one adviser that definitely know what you want to do in your life and how live.


Take consistent daily action to create the future you envision.

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    I really love this juxtaposition of good/bad stability. It reminds me of the sentiment of upsides and downsides. Like in what part of your life... when stable provides upsides.

    Although, I would say that stable income is bad. Because it implies no room for growth. However, I understand what you mean. Stable as in... not going to disappear randomly haha.

    Abe avatar Abe | Jun 27, 2019 14:55:37
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