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May 13, 2019 21:05:29

The Cake Why

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Craig Petterson

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I'm making The Cake Pays - or rather, I'm dragging my feet in making The Cake Pays. @harold41 asked me to elaborate on my why. This is one of them.

They always say to make a product that solves one of your own problems. I lead a lovely life and don't feel like I have any problems that can be solved with software. I just need to speak up! Maybe there is something else a bit further down that I'm yet to think of, that will inspire me to work on something new. Nothing has come yet, but I am releasing an article of side project ideas soon.

My closest problem is actually my partner's. She makes cakes for a living and often needs to quote her customers. This tends to be a problem, especially when changing prices, updating costs and offering discounts or deals. Finally, a problem I can help with.

Using this as an opportunity to work on a side project has also allowed me to play around with some new tools, to learn something new I will use for many years to come - Tailwind.

That being said, it's not tools that are important. It's the skills you pick up that are: product management, marketing, design and user experience.

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    keep writing. if you're ever short of ideas one day, let us know what tailwind is. i'm also looking forward to seeing your list of side projects.

    harold avatar harold | May 15, 2019 12:19:50
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