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Sep 07, 2019 23:46:36

The cartoon movie - part 1

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I watched a cartoon movie tonight, The Legend of Hei.

It's not a simple movie but there is a story behind.

At first, it's a poor personal web cartoon series published five years ago. Within 5 years, there are only 28 episodes, each of 7 minutes on average. Contrary to its slow and annoying updating speed is the high score and wide-spreading popularity. So whenever there is a new episode, though it has been too long to remember the previous stories for audiences, they would rewatch from the beginning.

As the result, this cartoon series has the most living community discussing not only the stories but the magic of time. The newer comments have developed a conspiracy of silence: sharing what you're doing when the last time the series was updated.

With the strong power of popularity, they got enough investment to turn it into a movie as well as a longer story. So that's the reason why we paid to the theater for a fantastic 90-minute cartoon movie.

For me, since the last time I watched its episode, I've made my first 14-second self-designed animation and my first comic image from hand-drawing into digital. That's time.

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