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Sep 08, 2019 18:43:13

The cartoon movie - part 2

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Recent years, there is a culture of "healing" among the 90s born generation who is the main popularity of working and socializing now. Accordingly, when you open the reviews of cartoon series, if the stories are close to zero, the scores would be close to ten. Which means the "healing" style is simple and short, not heavy for information.

However, The Legend of Hei is an exception.

This average 7 minutes cartoon is famous for the fluent moving frames, since its story is about a world both for humans and hidden goblins born from forest, there are frequent fightings to earn peace between goblins. As for the new movie, one of the evil goblins want to kill the city to get the forest back, so the war begins.

If divide cartoon movies based on the percent of moving frames and the density of story information, I want to make a dynamic but simple one on my own.

Some great cartoonists are good at telling a story only by an image, for example, besides the two little girls with umbrellas at the bus stop, there standing a giant Totoro with a piece of leaf. This well-known image is already an exciting story. 

But I'm not good at this way. I need multi-frames to express a simple idea. 

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