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Sep 09, 2019 18:02:23

The cartoon movie - part 3

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"Is there a thing if you've done even not successfully, you would feel your life has a meaning?"

"I haven't thought about it yet. What about you?"

"Making a cartoon movie."

"Well,  I assumed you mean something super tough like saving the world or winning Nobel peace prize."

"Why making a cartoon movie is not difficult for me as if  saving the world?"

"You've already had a 14-second one, it's not so impossible."

"But if I said so one year ago, what would you think?"

"Ummm, I would say keep dreaming, because neither talent or practice you have shown before. I guessed you have more interests in making software for money since you're good at programming."

"It's out of my expectation, too. Do you remember Strickland in The Moon and Sixpence? I think I'm kind of like him. Everyone has his favorite way to expresse his view of the world, like writing, drawing, cooking, or programming. Someone turns it into his job, someone makes it his hobby, whatever, it's the unique way you could answer 'how do you feel' and let others understand. For me, it's cartooning."

"Why not programming?"

"Naval said, you should find something you're good at and others couldn't learn. This kind of ability is more related to your childhood as a result of your family and neighborhood. Since none could copy your growing experience, then none could steal the ability from you. If I have to choose between cartoonist and programmer, the former is more close to my nature."

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