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Sep 12, 2019 23:21:17

The Crippling Backlog

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Craig Petterson

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The title might be a bit misleading. Maybe he is talking about work? Maybe he's about to share some great project management wisdom? Don't be fooled. This is yet another personal edition.


Backlogs are a graveyard. This is the title of an article idea I had long ago. We have since split our backlog into 5 separate backlogs. What a farce. I really need to write this article.

A friend recently suggested I embrace all our shortcomings at work and write articles about them. There are issues I have raised with no change or impact. I think it's important to know, that projects are a team game and sometimes it's okay if your ideas aren't followed through with. Writing these articles would relieve me of these frustrations and better share and help acquire feedback for my argument. These articles should cover; what the problem is, how I would improve things, why it's important, but what else?

With regards to my own personal backlog... I'm thinking of taking my own project advice and nuking the whole thing - article ideas, podcast suggestions, links, videos, project ideas, tweaks to existing projects.



What do you think? Should I do it?

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