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Sep 17, 2019 22:53:11

The curtain

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The most impactful purchases of $100 or less? My answer is an ¥80 curtain. 

It began with a small rechargeable night-light I saw in MINISO. I have sleeping problems at the school apartment. When the public light is off, I feel bad in the absolute dark. There is no private space for individual habits, that's the worst part of being a grown-up student.

The moment I made my decision to buy the night-light, I had to figure out how to hide it. It's easy to pick up the curtain thick enough to enclose my bed. But the real challenge is that there is nothing but the ceiling to support it since my bed is on the upper of the corner, and I couldn't buy myself extra shelves. 

Finally, I solved the problem with the purchases of twenty hooks. By fixing the hooks on the ceiling, the curtain began my strong wall surround my bed and it's safe to light the night at last. 

I realized the value of being alone without anyone could see you in your private castle other than a public square to sleep well. Just a curtain could give your independence back to you.

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