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May 22, 2019 20:41:09

The Curtain Show

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I'm in Chicago visiting my friend Lee. He's never been to a co-working space so we hit one up here. The owner of the place is an interesting guy. Used to work in a lot of HR / talent&culture development until he became a consultant for such so that he could affect not only a single organization but many, including non-corporate organizations such as the local community.

He told me about talent development and employee succession within large public organizations. Basically there's a law mandates publicly traded corporations to have a succession plan in place which requires also a systematized way to raise employees up the ladder so that there will always be potential candidates to fill in any executive/top-leadership holes that may unexpectedly appear.

He says that top level executives are always on the lookout for 'diamonds in the rough', and that promising employees are flagged and then slowly given opportunities to advance themselves. Such opportunities are never explicitly presented as succession plans to employees but rather just 'nice' opportunities suggested via the boss.

He also pointed out that there's a reason the the blind method... the curtain system. If employees were able to see how they were being observed, then they would game the system, would figure out what variables the top are looking for and just maximize on the appearance of having such. So the curtain must be in place.

I also laughingly mentioned how the curtain show also gets rid of so many of the people you'd want to eliminate from the succession program anyways. It's the type of person who you ask why not do this training program in Brazil and they say no. And now imagine if you were to tell them explicitly, hey, if you go you will be promoting yourself to one day become an executive and they say okay then i'll go!

No. That's not the type of person they want. 

It's not only the corporations that plays the curtain show. The world does too. The world's letting you do the thing you love doing. Just go and do it. And do it a lot. Don't wait for the world to say aloud that if you do what you wish you were doing, then one day you'll be able to do it. Because if you were already doing what you wish you were doing, then you'd already be doing it.

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