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Jun 08, 2019 05:57:07

The days are long but the decades are short

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This is going to be a long post. It will take shape in the coming days into weeks. 


You don't have to go to school.

This is important.

We live in a country where our educational system is broken. It's not working. Getting a BSc isn't a guarantee of a good job.

The cost of a university degree is crazy. Out of the millions that write the University entrance examinations every year only a few hundred thousands gets admitted.

If your parents are rich enough or gritty enough you get into a private university.

And even with the degree, a job is not a given.

Many with "hope" hustle their way for a Msc.

The thinking is, my MSc would give more weight to my resume. And if not I'll just venture into the academia.

That's crazy. And a lot of people do this. 

You really do not have to do that in this age and time.

The landscape has changed. The gatekeepers have lost their power.

You would need education. But you don't have to go to school. Or better out you might not have to go school. 

The most important thing is knowing for sure what you want to do. 


Understand the place of money, and put it there.

The most important part of your relationship with money, will be to have a clear understanding of the purpose of money for you.

The purpose of money is for you to have freedom. Money doesn't bring happiness. Neither does it necessarily bring misery. Attaching money to happiness is looking at the wrong picture. Money also doesn't solve all your problems.

Money buys you freedom. Freedom to wake up when you like. Freedom to go to wherever you want to go. Freedom to spend your time and energy on what you personally think is more important than money.

That's the catch. You must decide for yourself what is more important than money. What money can't buy.

It could be so you could spend all your thirties in a remote area teaching kids.

It could be that you love starting businesses, hence that freedom gives you the luxury to build your utopia like Elon Musk is doing.

It could be anything. 

That's why it's important to work hard, whether you're pursuing money or not. It's important to be industrious whether you're chasing money or not. And so on.

When you know the place of money and you put it there. You'll be able to know when enough is enough and you'll be able to say "Money is overrated", whenever you need to.


On Money

Except your parents left you with some huge cash as an inheritance you would have would work hard and make money.

And it's not even just about working hard you have to be smart about it.

Target and reach six figures as early as possible. Either as savings or profit from an investment, just ensure that at some you have six figures that is completely yours.

Why six figures?

Let's imagine 100K naira ($278), that's kinda small. Can't get you an apartment in a decent place in Lagos. However, having 100K as a safety net or as a base for investment is good enough.

Looking back, if I had this awareness in my university I would have saved 100k from my businesses and invested it. Most likely I would have hit my first 1M faster.

Note that for some, the first 100K is often the hardest and longest, but the joy is worth it. Once you've got it. Make investments with it. Not any kind of investment, the investment you've taken time out to study and you can tell how it works.

If I could summarize this part I'd say. Save your small monies, invest your lump sums. 

The journey is faster that way.


Winter is coming

Unfortunate circumstances happen. Even though they vary in magnitude, they are still unfortunate nonetheless.

It could be as small as a brash email or comment from your boss at work, or an heartbreak, or a business/investment loss. Anything.

The point of this is not to scare you. Neither do i mean you should literally visualize and expect such things to happen.

My point is mainly our reactions to them. Some when faced with such ask "Why me?". Some remain in shock of it for several weeks into days. That's where the danger is. Continuing in that gobsmacked state is dangerous, many at that point get depressed, some even to the point of suicide. Decisions taken at such times determine alot. And many in that situation make thoughtless decisions, their excuse being the bad occurrence. But then, actions have consequences. Thoughtless or thoughtful, actions have consequences.

Thoughtless actions make one bad occurrence a chain of tragic events.

I know this can be really hard. But then I have been there.

One thing to always remember is, the things you can control as an individual isn't that much. That helps some issues into perspective.

Even if your consolation is "that was out of my control". Whatever helps you bounce back fast without resent is okay.

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