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Sep 29, 2019 20:43:18

The door you used to open without thinking is the greatest wall you have

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The search engine of the browser likes the door of the room.

Most people take it for granted that there is a door for in and out. As long as you connect to the Internet and have a browser, then you could go to most of the space on the web.

We all care about the purpose of opening the door, such as searching for a solution or checking updating news. However, have you ever question the door itself? Would two persons open the same door but enter into a different room?

That's called filter bubbles, the door filters the accessibilities between the information and you. 

Recently, for special reasons, I've lost access to google, so as dozens of updating resources. It feels like I'm locked in limited space and speak different languages in a foreign country. The default search bar couldn't work on me, and it sends me all the wrong results that I want to yield at it, "Why there are no right results ?! "

Whatever only when I have such an experience did I realize the power of filter bubbles. Sometimes, the door you used to open without thinking is the greatest wall you have.

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