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Feb 20, 2019 06:56:43

The end of the 30 days challenge.

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Hello, adorable stranger. What is the day today? Do you know? Yes, you are right, today is the 20th of February. This day is special because today is the end of my English writing challenge. I write already for 1 month every day! That is super! I even didn't miss my streaks.

I wrote always. Even when I didn't know what to write about. I wrote when I felt not good. I wrote even when 200WaD had problems with the server, I just wrote to Google Docs my 200 words. 

My English is much better now. And I won't stop. 

The key is consistency. If you want to be better at something, you need to practice it. You should do it often. That's good when you do it every day. 

Some people learn English (or another language) at a language school. Sometimes these people complain that they attend classes for 4-5 months and can't speak in English. 

Why does it happen?

Let's say, that they have two classes with a duration of 1 hour a week. It's just 8 hours per month and 32 hours per 4 months. 

So, they think that they spent already 4 months to learn a language, but... they learned it for a little more than one day! 

If you spend 1 hour every day to learn a language, you will have 30 hours a month and 120 hours per 4 months! That's crazy!

Also, when you practice every day, you can't forget some ruler or how to do it.


So, today is the end of my 30 days chellenge. 

Tomorrow I will start new one.

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