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Aug 29, 2019 23:17:05

The first 7 seconds

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I made a 7-second 140-frame animation video today, it's my first experiment. Though not professional and the only tool is ppt, I call it a small success. 

The basic item is a piece of kiwi fruit, and the theme color is "kiwi style", apple-green (main), lemon-yellow (background) and red-brown (highlight).

As a beginner, my short video was designed most classically. There are three chapters: 

#1 the distant group view as the start (2s) 

#2 the close individual scene in details (3s)

#3 a metaphor by the use of montage as the end (2s)

I played the exported video in loops for further improvement. It's not perfect, you could see obvious bugs between the two chapter since the transition should be more smooth. Meanwhile, the shape is too tidy to show the personal painting style because it's made in ppt. 

Whatever, I like it, and it's a milestone. The first 7-second success is enough for me to do more challenges.

A self-made hand-painted cartoon video to tell an original story is my childhood dream. Now, I think I'm getting closed to it and there is a possibility to make my wildest imagination come true. 

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    @5plus6 - it's rare we get to glimpse into "initial efforts" - thanks for sharing. Keep making and keep sharing.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 29, 2019 08:26:37
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      @brianball - it relaxes me from the anxiety of being 25, the ability to turn imagination into a video is a great relief, especially I thought I've already lost it.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Aug 31, 2019 00:19:50
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