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Sep 30, 2019 22:47:41

The first anniversary of applying lipstick

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It's my first anniversary of applying lipstick. I used to wear no makeup. It's so unusual for a girl in her twenties that I even wrote it as my first Reddit answer of "What is something you've never done, that most people probably have?". 

My habit was broken up by bf one year ago, who succeeded in putting lipstick on my mouth by walking me into the shop, letting the shop assistant apply it on, and paying the bill in a second without any previous notifications. He knew that I would never do it by myself so he has to force me to accept it.

At first, I feel embarrassed because the lipstick made me can't stop thinking about my mouth. Is it too eye-catching in an empty face? Is my mouth too large (actually, I have a very small mouth, my worries are useless)? Is the color too red (Dior 999)? 

My bf encouraged that it's nothing matters but makes me feel more healthy since I always look pale with a bloodless mouth. There is no magic to makes me prettier or uglier by a piece of red in the face.

He is right. The lipstick is not magical. But since then I started to have a rational attitude towards makeup and the girls wearing makeup. It's for please self.

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