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Jun 01, 2019 21:01:52

The first day of summer. Summary, set goals.

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Congratulations β€” today is the first day of summer. The begging of something is a great possibility to set new goals and start new life. It's the reason of New Year's productivity rush and the phrase "Oh, I want to start do morning exercise, I will start on Monday". Also, it's the great chance to summarize past days in your life.

It's a big temptation for me and I don't want to skip this chance to summarize previous months and set new goals. 

In the end of April, I created my personal success diary with goals. I wrote there seventeen goals for this year and I have the lovely column is called "My success stories β™₯". I write to this column when something good happens. It makes me feel good also it's a reminder that you are a good human.

My last success story is that I worked with two people in May. Two clients! That's great. So, I achieved my goal earn 10000 rubles.

Also I shared my experiment with AI, it took a lot of views.

My big goals for June:

1. Earn $1000

2. Develop Open Design and Pink Turtles. 🐒

3. Finish another AI experiment.


1. Do physical exercises every day.

2. Read books with voice.

3. Be more active on society media.

I guess that's all. Thanks for reading. So, do you set goals in new season? What is your goals?

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