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Sep 24, 2019 21:22:08

The first month of 25

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At the tail of August, right before the new semester and the back crowds, I slipped away for my 25th birthday.

Flying from north to south at the city my bf works, the planned two-day weekend extended to a month absence. While I am embraced by summer sunshine in the seaside area, my schoolmates are sinking in the autumn rain after my leave. What an odd :D.

Though it's embarrassing, I'd to admit that I was completely freaked out by being 25.

The day my bf picked me up at the station, I looked pale and upset. It seemed that I came for a scaffold instead of the birthday party.

The first three days, beautiful landscape, delicious food, and excited tourists were surrounding me, but couldn't satisfy me, even not a time machine. Because if I could travel back, there is no yes-or-no choice that I would give the opposite answer to change my entire life.

My equation of happiness works only if it's solved.

For example, saving streak is not the right answer, but clearly describing my feelings is; making up a paper to graduate is not the right answer, but qualifed to do independent research is.t

In fact, everyone knows the RIGHT answer but how to solve it step by step? And there is a voice, "Submitting the answer is to pass not to solve, there is no need to suffer."

Whatever, the first month of 25 is gone.

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