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Jan 10, 2019 18:10:00

The Great Groundhog Fight

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Tracy Farnsworth

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We used to have an eccentric neighbor that passed away last year.  She had a big statue of a bull in her front yard and had turned her pool into a duck pond.  

I was fond of her and especially appreciative of her love for all creatures great and small.  Every morning at 7am like clockwork, she would head out to her backyard and feed the ducks, squirrels, rabbits and groundhogs along with the hundreds of birds that flocked to her endless food supply.

I miss her sometimes.  Although not so much on the day of the great groundhog fight.

As days passed after her death, the food that she scattered each morning dwindled into nothing and all of her adopted animals stopped coming around.  The ducks migrated to the neighboring ponds, the squirrels headed to higher ground and the groundhogs headed under the fence to our backyard.  

This did not go over well with my two territorial labrador retrievers, Katie and Harry.  On one fateful early morning, with bleary eyes I let the dogs out and all hell broke loose.

One hefty hog was booking it to the fence line but no match for the speed of determined canines.  Harry took a solid chunk out of the backend of the little beast and flipped him over on his back.  Not such a good idea for Harry.

Two surgeries and over 100 stitches later, Harry survived the fight without a TKO.  My prize was more grey hair and a mission to secure our border (not politically motivated, just FYI).  

He had to wear a shirt for over a month and then cried when I was finally able to keep it off, as if he were all of sudden naked and ashamed!  What a funny guy and so it goes down in Harry History the year 2018 being the Great Groundhog Fight that ended in a draw.

Oh yes, the memories...

Until tomorrow.

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