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Sep 13, 2019 17:50:08

The hourglass body [2]

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Tim Subiaco

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"Hey! I just got your postcard..."

I turned my phone over and left it like that for the rest of the evening.

I read about a mad king once who hosted a merchant from the edge of his empire. The merchant brought a fruit that no one had seen before and said it was from a kingdom far away. The king tasted the fruit and ordered the merchant back to where he came from with four wagons full of gold before the sweetness had left his lips. After many years the merchant came back and told the king that the people who had grown the fruit had vanished an all the knowledge with them. The king fell into a despair that only kings in fables can fall into. He ate nothing for the rest of his life. On his deathbed the merchant came up to him and said that he had procured another fruit from another merchant who had come across another people on the other side of the empire. The king tasted it and vomited. 

I thought about Tahiti and how I wrote the post card. I mean what the fuck did I think I was doing. I felt like a fool and I couldn't imagine what Cassie thought of me. 

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