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Feb 20, 2019 20:02:28

The Importance of Elbows #4

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I thrust my hands into my pockets. I knew there was nothing in them, but it felt comforting. We walked around aimlessly for a while, each of us cycling through our own thoughts. I looked at Theo and his face was like a stone, he seemed to be somewhere else. It was hard to tell exactly where since he still had his sunglasses on even though it was almost pitch black now.

We wound up sitting on a patch of grass not too far from where the Kygo concert was going to be. He was actually going to play on the same stage as where Future Islands opened, so I guess it was a full-circle kind of thing. We leaned back on our elbows and took in the last few moments of the festival. 

"Hey, you guys smoke?" a trembling voice broke through the darkness. 

I looked closer, he looked like he was in his early thirties and a girl, of similar age and similar fearfulness stood slightly behind him.

Theo looked puzzled. 

"Um, I have some cigarettes?"

"No, you know. The hash. You smoke the hash?"

Theo and I glanced at each other at the corner of our eyes and smiled. 

Theo stood up, to his full height - which was surprisingly high and looked down at the clearly scared adult. 

"What! So you think I have drugs? Do I look like someone who has drugs" 

To be fair, he did look like someone who has drugs. 

"Oh no, man. I am so sorry!" 

The guy was really scared now. The girl behind him pulled on his shirt and whispered something desperate into his ear but Theo was relentless.

"Oh, so I am Asian! You think we all have drugs?" 

Personally, I've never bought drugs of an asian person. 

The guy backed away with both his hands up as if we were actual gangsters. I mean, it was a fair assumption since our clothes were dirty beyond recognition and I think I lost a sock sometime yesterday that I hadn't replaced. To top it all we both had our fanny packs slung across our chests - mine was just for my disposable camera, though. 

As soon as we saw they were gone, we looked at each other and laughed like maniacs. 

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