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Feb 22, 2019 21:01:47

The Importance of Elbows #6

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Tim Subiaco

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Theo patted me on the shoulder.

“She wants you, I guarantee it.”

I gave him a hug and he disappeared into the crowd without a trace.

I guess I’d better not fuck this up. 

We were at the very front once again, pressed up against the metal railings. I asked her if she wanted to stand a bit further back, you know, to actually see the show in all it’s glory. She put on a thinking face. With some people, you knew they were thinking. She shook her head smiling and said she wanted to be at the front. For the music? I asked. She nodded and placed her hand on her chest. She needed to feel it move her. 

I wasn’t about to disagree so we found a good spot standing on the plastic cover that protected the wires running from the state to the sound booth halfway through the crowd. It was only a few centimeters of height but it gave us a sort of platform. From here I could see that we were completely surrounded by thin, skimpy, teenagers. This is what happens when you stand at the very front of a bloody Kygo set, I should’ve guessed. 

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    << completely surrounded by thin, skimpy, teenagers>>
    omg... this happens more and more often, yet I take 35 years old(s?) for teenagers now :D

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 23, 2019 21:49:01
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    haha I am very glad that even while being lovestruck you still have considerations for optimizing your show-going experience.

    you should've argued that being close to the stage actually isn't the best fro sound! The sound is coming out of speakers placed elsewhere!

    Abe avatar Abe | Feb 23, 2019 20:00:52
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      @abrahamKim RIP my eardrums. RIP my heart.

      Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Feb 24, 2019 22:58:28
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