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Feb 13, 2019 20:58:53

The Landscape and The Path

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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When it comes to writing I believe there is value to readers in two ways:

1- Describing The Landscape of a topic, making it seem familiar and feel accessible

2- Describing The Path through the topic, in terms of how decisions are to be made and goals to be reached

Some writers focus on one type of value and not the other: describing The Landscape helps develop understanding of the subject, and understanding in and of itself is valuable. But it often leaves readers wondering how they can make use of their newly acquired understanding. What do I do next is a pervasive thought in these situations. 

An example of this is describing how habits are formed, based on the cue (which triggers the behavior), the routine (the behavior or habit), and the reward (which reinforces the habit).

Knowing this can help you understand the role of a cue that triggers the habit and the reason why we cling to our habits (pursuit of the reward). But you are now left on your own to make use of the idea described to you. You have a better understanding of habits, but not how to make use of this understanding.

That's where The Path - practical steps on how to make use of your understanding - comes into play. A writer explaining the habit loop can then offer advice on how to identify the cues for habits you want to change, ways you can reward yourself for the habits you want to develop, and how bad habits can be overcome by removing the cue and diminishing the reward (or finding a good habit that offers a similar reward).

This way you understand the way habits are formed AND know how to make use of this knowledge.

I tend to want to write articles and books that cover both The Landscape and The Path, which I believe makes for higher quality writing. You can use this knowledge to identify the extent to which you are covering The Landscape of your topic of choice and what practical advice you're offering your readers (The Path).

Try this model out and I hope it serves you well. :D

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