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Jun 27, 2019 14:02:14

the MDW app - part 2

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Another post is written with this crazy app. I am using it cuz I want to get it done for today quickly. Sometimes you just don't want to waste your time. 250 words without stopping. Don't wanna lose everything hehe. Today I was thinking about all these web apps. My twitter is overflown with great new apps all the kinds. 

Actually, most of them are useful and nice. A lot of makers doing great app as well. But to be honest .. Isn't to it too much of them? .. I mean sure there a lot of direction which aren't covered yet and many are getting discovered cuz of new technologies but still. I feel it must be reduced. Not everyone can make a new life-changing app. You can see it already now. How many new productivity tools did you see on Product Hunt last week? .. I would say too many.

Everyone try to the same thing a little differently sure .. If I am talking about productivity apps itself it's not really about the app ... All this productivity thingy is just about you... No apps get your problems done .. Just find the system which works work you ... and some note-taking app will do the job. I mean write down your goals, to-dos, and that's it. no more needed. You just need to pick the right tasks. The one you actually wanna work on.


Haha, this time I couldn't make it .. but the app got stuck not me. Fortunately, there is an export option even if you fail. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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