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Feb 18, 2019 22:23:30

The nature of nothingness

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Do you know people who are sitting at their desk doing nothing from nine to five, then they go home and at the end of the month just get their minimal wage? I do. And I'm not judging them, they are just a cog in the giant mechanism like all of us. Everyone has different ambitions and some people are happy to simply have a job that feeds them and don't need anything else.

Have you ever flown on a plane? Especially on some far flight to a distant city or another country? The one where you are just sitting locked in a chair on a noisy plane for eight hours straight with a little break for food. I did it twice in my life. One flight fortunately was overnight, and the second one was during the day so I've been trying to read a book. It was a terrible experience because of the bright sun and constant vibrations that led to eye strain after ten minutes of reading.

— Do you notice any similarities?

Check out this example: a man sits at a desk doing nothing for 9 hours. I guess now everyone surely understands the similarities between these things. Doing nothing for prolonged periods of time. How does it affect your mood, your body? What do you think about and what can it teach you? 

In the end of nine hours of doing nothing except what people in the comments say, I asked Eugene, the performer, to tell us a piece of wisdom he learned from these nine hours. And the answer has been absolutely incredible:

“I think that I somewhat understood the nature of nothingness in the past nine hours. And in fact I feel more tired than I've ever been after nine hours of actually doing something. 

I think the peak moment came at 12:15 when someone was [generous] enough (by the way it was me) to force me to actually do nothing for an hour. It was the hardest moment of the whole nine hour thing because it's incredibly hard to actually do nothing: to not to change your posture, to not to do any movements, and to not to think any thoughts. 

I don't think I've learned anything except one thing: it's certainly better to something, to be in the process of doing absolutely anything rather than to be doing nothing at all. As in, yes, it's insightful, and yes, it's unusual and bizarre and weird, but it's also incredibly exhausting I'd say. The most of all not being able to speak — something that I forced myself into with the rules of this whole setup, — is really fucking painful! 

There is this symmetry: some people were looking at me and trying to figure out what's on my mind, what I'm thinking, — and similarly I felt being watched and tried to figure out what other people think. But I wasn't able, again due to the setup of this thing, in any way to interact, — other than people making some kind of requests. Not being able to connect [?] with any human being throughout nine hours (except for the past two-three hours) is quite an experience in a certain way. I'll certainly add to this after I would have processed the whole thing. For now I think I'll shut the fuck up.”


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